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Remote Check Real time Data IOT Cloud Platform Support PC Or APP

● Substation,Building

● Telecommunication base station

● Industrial energy consumption

● PC and APP Platform

● Self-adaption

● API support

● Free trial

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Acrel IoT EMS is a centralized online platform for connecting all acrel networking products.
Acrel IoT EMS offers unified access, monitoring and control capabilities, which saves time and
allows you to oversee your whole networking fleet. Acrel IoT EMS can be used in substation,
building,telecommunication base station,industrial energy consumption,intelligent lighthouse,
operation and maintenance of power , and so on.

If your acrel device is on IoT EMS, it can be used to generate remote access links to equipment that is connected to a private router network thus granting remote access to other equipment.Once an alarm event occurs,within a few seconds, relevant alarm and event information will be quickly pushed through the APP to notify relevant person.

Acrel IoT Energy Management System is a comprehensive system including the functions like real-time electricity parameters monitoring,in-time fault alarm processing and remote control of IoT devices which could support all the Acrel products connected with it. Due to a complete devices’factory setting plan, our users could utilize the functions above once they got their IoT devices like energy meters power on without any additional adjustment through our Acrel website IoT platform and IoT APP designed for mobile phone.

Users Open the IoT website with Google Chrome or Firefox,
Demo Account
Users Name: Acrel
Pls contact us to get the password

The login interface is as shown in Fig. 2-1.


Fig. 2-1 Login Interface

1. Home

After successful login, users enter the home page firstly, as shown in Fig. 3-1.It can provide device status, device alarm information and energy statistics.
The IoT EMS platform supports two theme colors, light and dark, and supports multiple languages.


Fig. 3-1 Home Interface

2. Data Monitor



Fig. 4-1 Real-monitoring Interface

2.2.Distribution diagram
Distribution diagram displays the primary power distribution diagram. Select the project name and the diagram , and you can view the power distribution diagram. As shown in Fig. 4-2.
Note: It is necessary to draw the distribution diagram before viewing the power distribution diagram.


Fig. 4-2 Distribution Diagram

2.3.Parameters Report
The parameters report page displays the electrical parameter report of the project. Users can view the electrical parameter report of the equipment in each area, and can view the corresponding data by switching the time and adjusting the electrical parameter


Fig. 4-3 Parameters Report

3. APP

Scan the QR code of the gateway or module, connect the platform, and you can query the real-time data of the module without any other operations.



Customer Questions & Answers
  • Answer:

    Step 1: Install and Power on IoT Deivces For different combination of our IoT devices, the wiring and installation might be different. Please contact us for technical support so that you can correctly install all the devices. Step 2: Download IoT EMS APP and Register Download the latest version of IoT EMS APP and register your own account. You can also try out the APP function by using our test account. ( Account: Acrel  Password: 123456) Step 3: Scan the QR Code to Add IoT Devices IoT devices of our company will be attached with QR code for adding the devices into your account. Extremely simplify the operation steps. (Devices can also be manually added) Step 4: Start your 3-month Free Trail Now, it’s time for your own free trial of IoT Smart Metering System. As long as the system and IoT devices are of our company, we will aid you with full technical support.

    marry September 01, 2022
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