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Acrel and ZTE signed a strategic cooperation

Time : 2022-08-29 Hits : 42

Recently,Acrel Electric and ZTE Corporation signed a cooperation framework agreement in Nanjing. The two companies will deepen cooperation in the fields of power monitoring, smart energy, smart power and other fields based on leading technologies such as 5G and Internet of things, and provide innovative wisdom energy IOT technical solutions for various energy and power business scenarios such as construction, transportation, factories, parks, cities and villages, and expand the market space of both industries and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.



On the signing day, Zhou Zhong, Chairman of Acrel, and Lu Ping, Vice President of ZTE Corporation attended the signing ceremony.

Zhou Zhong said that Acrel has deepened the field of smart electricity for more than ten years and has a complete product line, providing intelligent power products for many types of power users, which is at the leading level in China. New technologies such as 5G and Zigbee are changing with each passing day, which has also brought significant impacts to the industry, and customers’ needs are constantly undergoing profound changes. Acrel is also increasing its investment, developing products that integrate new technologies and better serve users. He believes that the cooperation between the two sides will surely bear fruit in all aspects of safe use of electricity, reliable use of electricity, and efficient use of electricity.

Lu Ping said that the arrival of 5G commercial will bring new changes to all walks of life. ZTE provides end-to-end 5G solutions and is committed to exploring 5G's innovative applications in a wide range of industries. He hopes to enrich 5G applications through leading industry partners in various fields. Energy and power are related to thousands of households. Reliable, safe and efficient power supply is a common demand in the industry. Acrel is a leading player in this field. We hope that the two parties will cooperate intensively and carry out joint innovation to bring new value and experience to customers.

It is understood that ZTE is a provider of integrated communication solutions. The company was founded in 1985 and is a large-scale communication equipment company listed in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. ZTE has a complete, end-to-end product line and convergence solution for the communications industry. With a full range of wireless, wireline, service, end products and professional communication services, ZTE flexibly meets the differentiated needs and rapid innovation of different operators and enterprise customers worldwide. Up to now, ZTE has obtained 25 commercial contracts worldwide and has carried out extensive 5G cooperation with more than 60 operators worldwide. In the 5G vertical industry sector, ZTE's joint operators and partners work together to help the vertical industry digital transformation. ZTE provides end-to-end IOT solutions including “end-of-pipe cloud” products, including IOT chips, operating systems/SDKs, modules, networks, platforms, applications, etc., which serve a wide range of worldwide customers.

Acrel Electric Co., Ltd. (referred to as Acrel) is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service [stock code: 300286.SZ], dedicated to providing energy efficiency management and power consumption for users. A secure system solution. The company has a complete production line from cloud platform software to sensors. At present, more than 8,000 sets of various systems have been running all over the country for a long time, providing users with visualized management of energy and providing energy data services to protect users' efficient and safe use. It is one of the leading companies in this field in China.

In the era of IOT, 5G will be one of the important connection enabling technologies. 5G's large bandwidth, low latency, high reliability, and large connectivity will provide ubiquitous high-performance connectivity for all-in-one connectivity, while integrating artificial intelligence. The IOT platform of advanced technologies such as cloud computing and edge computing is one of the important supporting platform technologies.

At present, energy conservation and emission reduction, green and low carbon development have become one of the national energy development strategies. All types of energy and power users are actively constructing energy-efficient, green, low-carbon, safe and reliable energy supply systems. This is inseparable from advanced 5G and Internet of Things. Application of technology. The two sides agreed that in the various energy and power user scenarios, advanced technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things will be deeply integrated with equipment and applications such as power monitoring, smart energy, and smart power to provide users with innovative smart energy Internet of Things solutions. It is the market direction that can create value for customers. Therefore, the two sides agreed to jointly carry out technical and market cooperation in the business application areas such as smart energy, urban and rural safe electricity use, and 5G, Internet of Things, AI, cloud computing, etc., to carry out cooperation and innovation of technology, solutions and products. 5G IOT smart energy solution.