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American Tower and Acrel signed an agreement

Time : 2022-08-09 Hits : 64

Recently, Acrel signed an agreement with a well-known American tower company in South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Niger, Burkina Faso and other places for the data collection project of the tower operation and maintenance. The total contract price is RMB 15 million . It is the first time that Acrel has won the bid for the overseas tower project.

Since November 2019, Acrel has sent samples testing for the African tower project, and provided IEC, CE and other test reports. The person in charge of the American Tower Company highly praised Acrel’s product manufacturing capabilities and service quality. After multiple rounds of screening, Acrel was selected as the qualified supplier for the African tower project.

Now, Acrel has delivered partial products such as AC power meters, multi-circuit DC power meters and Hall sensors for the African tower project.

Acrel Tower Base Station Smart Electricity Cloud Platform includes ADW350 series, ADW200 series and ADL3000 series AC and DC intelligent monitoring equipment, AMC16-DETT series AC/DC energy meters, AKH-0.66 series current transformers, AHKC series Hall Sensors, AWT100 series wireless gateways and system management platform. Through statistics and analysis of operation and maintenance data, it can reduce power consumption and operating costs. The products meet the technical requirements of Q/ZTT CT71017-2015 Base Station AC Smart Meters and Q/ZTT 2205-2017 Base Station DC Energy Metering Modules.

The African tower project provides strong support for our company to fully realize the internationalization of products. Acrel will continue to innovate and promote smart tower electricity solutions with reliable products and high-quality services, and serve the new construction and renovation projects of tower base stations.