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3 phase AC Multi-function Digital Power Meter Panel Meter AMC72L-E4/KC

● Measurement: 3-phase AC kWh, kVarh, I, U, kW, kVar, Hz, cosφ and etc

● Rated Voltage: 400V AC L-L (direct connect); 100V AC L-L (via PTs)

● Rated Current: 5A AC or 1A AC (via CTs)

● Power Supply: 85~265V AC/DC; 24V or 48V DC

● LCD display

● Communication: RS485 (MODBUS-RTU)

● SOE Funciton: Event&Demand&Extremum Record

● Harmonic Measurement: 2~31st and total Harmonic

● Accuracy: 1% (kWh); 0.5% (Active Power)

● Standard&Certificate: CE Certificates

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AMC series digital power meter adopts AC sampling technology, capable of direct measurement of current and voltage in three phase grid. In addition to local display, this digital power meter can also be connected with control equipment for industrial monitoring and controlling applications.


Input voltage Rating: AC:100V/400V Overload: 1.2 fold rating (continuous)
Input collection 3-phase-3-wire 3-phase-4-wire
Input frequency 45-65HZ
Input current Rating: AC:1A/5A Overload: 1.2 fold rating (continuous)
Output electric energy Output mode: 2 channel open-collector photo coupler pulse Pulse constant: 10000, 40000, 160000 imp/kWh



②:LCD display

③:SET Button

④:Left Button

⑤:Right Button


⑦:DI/DO Status

⑧:Enter Button



LCD Display

HMlKeypads Progarmming


RS485( MoDBUS - RTU )

SOE Function

Event & Demand & Extremum


2~31st& Total Harmonic

AMC this digital power meter has RS485 communication interface with Modbus RTU protocol, which can convert electrical signal into standard analogue output. Single channel relay output, four-channel (two-channel) digital input and two-channel digital output can be achieved. According to individual application needs, the transformation ratio, alarm, communication, etc. can be set and controlled through the function keys on the front panel.





1. Cut out a hole on the object on where we will intall the meter according to dimension of meter referred above.

2. Remove the buckle on the meter off.

3. Install the meter into the cut-out hole.

4. Buckle up and fixed the meter.


Input voltageRating: AC:100V/400VOverload: 1.2 fold rating (continuous)
Input collection3-phase-3-wire3-phase-4-wire
Input frequency45-65HZ
Input currentRating: AC:1A/5AOverload: 1.2 fold rating (continuous)
Output electric energyOutput mode: 2 channel open-collector photo coupler pulsePulse constant: 10000, 40000, 160000 imp/kWh

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